Emerald Wins "Manufacturer Of The Year" Award

Manufacturer Award

Seattle, Wash. - Seattle Business Magazine presented locally and family owned Emerald Services, Inc. the silver Manufacturer of the Year award for mid-sized businesses at its annual ceremony on April 24, 2014. Marc McReynolds, Emerald general manager accepted the award and told the crowd that at some point in time, the audience likely contributed to the sustainable loop that creates millions of gallons of products manufactured by Emerald that are distributed and reused throughout the region by consumers and businesses.

This recognition marks the ongoing accomplishments of this family owned company with roots going back more than 75 years as pioneers in the recycling, reuse and recovery field. Emerald's Tacoma facility processes 20 million gallons of spent oils, solvents and other petroleum based fluids collected throughout the industrial and automotive business sectors every year. By recovering the value of waste by-products from one commercial sector, Emerald Recycling creates sustainable, high quality products for another.

Waste by-products from local manufacturers are collected and then processed using distillation technology at Emerald to meet performance specifications for products used in the automotive and manufacturing sectors. Automotive oils, waste anti-freeze and industrial solvents are re-refined into "green" products.

These recycled materials provide significant environmental and economic benefits, allowing a large portion of our local organic waste to be continuously reused in a local, sustainable system that minimizes dependence on virgin petroleum products, lowers our region’s carbon footprint and expands commerce and jobs.

"Emerald is proud to be recognized as a key manufacturer in our state, "said Steve Banchero, chief executive officer for the Emerald Services companies. "Since our family started in the recycling business in the 1930s, our ongoing focus has been to invest in the technology to complete the local recycling loop. We are proud to be recognized as a true green manufacturer. This type of recognition means everything to the company and all of our employees."

About Emerald
Emerald is the leading recycler of renewable organic by-products in the Northwest, providing recycling and recovery of solvents, antifreeze and waste oil. In addition, Emerald operations include fuel blending, chemical waste management, marine and industrial cleaning, waste and source reduction services, automotive and transportation services, and a variety of industrial services. This third-generation family-owned business is based in Seattle and employs over 350 people throughout the Pacific Northwest. Emerald’s family of companies is recognized for being one of the most progressive and successful sustainable businesses in the country.